200 Nursing Capstone Project Ideas For MSN, DNP & BSN Capstones

Nursing capstone project ideas

Starting a nursing career requires hard work, focus, and a strong base of knowledge and abilities.

One important part of nursing education is the nursing capstone project. It’s a essential component to your studies, showing what you’ve learned along the way.

Herer’s the deal: 

Creating a nursing capstone project means picking an interesting topic, doing thorough research, gathering data, and showing your findings with evidence.

The primary objective of this article is to assist nursing students in brainstorming and exploring a wide range of nursing capstone project ideas by offering comprehensive insights.

Creating a Nursing Capstone Project: Step-by-Step

According to the publication “The DNP degree & capstone project: A practical guide” by (Bemker & Schreiner, 2016), creating a nursing capstone project involves several key steps, as outlined  in the image below. 

Creating a Nursing Capstone Project Step-by-Step

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What is the Nursing Capstone Project?

A nursing capstone project is an academic paper that students write to demonstrate their practical work experience, facts, and experimentation to help in identifying the issues in the real world and application of skills from theory to actionable solutions (Bemker & Schreiner, 2016).

A capstone project can also be referred to as a senior capstone or capstone experience. A capstone project in nursing can either be research or problem-solving.  

An ideal nursing capstone project can take between 20 to 100 pages at the maximum length. It should be persuasive with an excellent topic. Nursing capstone projects, just like other capstone projects, should be evidence-based and strongly reinforce the best practices in different nursing specialties (Bemker & Schreiner, 2016). 

When taking your nursing capstone project, it is recommended that you work closely with a practicing professional to help you by offering real-world nursing experiences and advice on the design.

General Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

  1. The importance of taking the health history
  2. A disease common with the aged population
  3. Patient portal underutilization influence by ethnical and low income
  4. integration of healthcare systems
  5. Employee-based health insurance
  6. Strategies to ensure healthy aging
  7. Reducing associated ventilator infections in hospitalized patients
  8. Levels of evidence in nursing
  9. Patient advocacy and advanced practice
  10. Does pre-hospital rapid cooling of MDMA overdoes improve clinical outcome
  11. Implementing the IOM future of nursing
  12. Affordable care for all Americans-Revisiting the legislations
  13. Racial discrimination in healthcare delivery in the USA
  14. Macro trends affecting the US healthcare system
  15. Impacts of organizational culture on the implementation of Evidence-Based Practices (EBP)
  16. Examining the mental health of veterans
  17. Improving the process of preventive care in HMO organizations for better outcomes
  18. Associated degree nurses perceptions on motivators and barriers to returning to school for a bachelor’s of science degree in nursing
  19. The use of chlorhexidine to reduce hospital-acquired infections
  20. Transforming from student nurse to registered nurse

Nursing Capstone Project Ideas for Mental Health

  1. The use of cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques in psychiatric facilities
  2. Cultural-based mental health programs
  3. How domestic violence affects the children
  4. Using CBT for PTSD affected veterans
  5. Impacts of bullying at the workplace for new nurses
  6. Development of new mental health guide for educators
  7. The link between homelessness and mental health issues
  8. Art therapy and mental health
  9. Children and adolescent psychiatry
  10. The efficiency of Yoga in Maintaining mental
  11. Tobacco dependence
  12. Causes of suicide among youths
  13. Health education approach for mentally ill patients
  14. Substance abuse disorders
  15. Addressing stigma among carers and patients with mental health issues
  16. Access to mental health services by aboriginals or specific population
  17. Understanding postnatal depression among women
  18. Substance abuse among the geriatric population
  19. Lateral violence among nurses
  20. Mental health nursing for adolescents
  21. Mental health scales best for children in prison
  22. Outcome measures for an inpatient with mental health issues
  23. Impacts of teenage suicides
  24. Psychological rehabilitation readiness assessment
  25. Mental illness and autonomous decision making
  26. Are intellectual disability nurses perceived differently from other nurses?
  27. Preparing student  nurses to manage trauma in clinical settings
  28. Effectiveness of mental health services for deaf service users
  29. Links between heritage, arts, museums and mental health
  30. Access to mental health services by aboriginals or specific population

Women’s Health Capstone Project Ideas

The specialty of women’s health is an active area of research where you can easily find an excellent nursing capstone idea. This area integrates breastfeeding ideas, sexual health, general wellbeing of women, and access to healthcare capstone project ideas. Some of the best ideas you can consider in this specialty include:

  1. Postpartum depression among women
  2. Preeclampsia among women
  3. Preventing pregnant women from Zika Virus
  4. Infant mortality and preterm birth among African American women
  5. Addressing mental health among pregnant women in rural areas
  6. The link between HPV and cervical cancer
  7. Smoking and pregnancy
  8. Diabetes management during pregnancy
  9. Breastfeeding, work, and women of low socio-economic status
  10. Menopause in women
  11. Emergency contraception/birth control
  12. Nutritional management during pregnancy
  13. Impact of fibroid on women
  14. Using codeine and tramadol products in breastfeeding women
  15. Management of endometriosis
  16. Normal versus cesarean births
  17. Pelvic floor issues in women
  18. Constipation after cesarean surgery
  19. Menopause in women
  20. Female genital mutilation and sexual health of women
  21. Uterine cancer and fibroids in women
  22. Epidural in induced births
  23. Exclusive breastfeeding and immune levels of children
  24. Urine incontinence in women
  25. Postmenstrual syndrome and hormonal changes
  26. Use of supplements when breastfeeding 
  27. Factors that influence the decision to breastfeed
  28. Birth control approach among women
  29. Gestational diabetes management
  30. Breast pumps and breastfeeding

Pediatric Nursing Research Topics

  1. Taking care of children with congenital heart disease: Psychological issues
  2. Evaluation of pragmatic language patterns in autistic children
  3. Cancer: Health services delivery efficiency
  4. Children with cancer and their families: Psychological issues
  5. Radiation therapy: The response of the hematopoietic 
  6. Leukemia cells and the immune system: Mechanisms of interaction
  7. Childhood obesity: A population health issue
  8. Childhood acute leukemia: The use of molecular markers in the diagnosis
  9. Blindness in children receiving oxygen therapy: Risk-reducing strategies
  10. Childhood obesity and other cardiovascular risk factors: Epidemiologic research
  11. Early life exposure that promotes heart disease later in life
  12. Stem cells and their usage in the treatment of pediatric diseases
  13. Role of early-life exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals in childhood obesity
  14. Childhood obesity: Identification, prevention, screening, and management
  15. Obesity in children and adolescents: Prevention strategies
  16. Asthma in children: Diagnosis and management
  17. Prenatal exposure to nicotine: Health effects
  18. Asthma in children: Diagnosis and management
  19. Early-life exposure to nicotine: Health effects
  20. Asthma in children: Monitoring techniques
  21. Vaccination against influenza in children: Reactions and complications
  22. HHV6: Pathogenesis, immunology, and treatment
  23. Meningitis in children: Prevention and vaccination
  24. Opportunistic fungal infections: Pathogenesis and treatment
  25. Cells and molecules in lung health and disease: Understanding the function
  26. Common measles complications in children
  27. Animal models for respiratory diseases: The investigation of the pathogenesis
  28. Surfactant replacement therapy for premature infants: Beneficial effects
  29. New therapeutic approaches to developmental diseases of the nervous system
  30. Movement disorders in children: Understanding and treatment
  31. Neurotrophin and neurotransmitter receptors: A molecular study
  32. Tourette syndrome in children: Cause and treatment
  33. Anorexia and related changes in brain function and behavior
  34. Understanding metabolic syndrome: Symptoms and causes
  35. Neuroblastoma in children: Understanding racial differences
  36. ADHD medication for children: Long-term effects
  37. Infant Nutrition: Prevention of obesity and eating disorders
  38. Eating disorders in children: Effects on growth and health
  39. Ear infections in children: Diagnosis and treatment
  40. Efficacy of mind-body therapy in children with ADHD
  41. Acute renal insufficiency: Nursing care and treatment
  42. Autism in children: Benefits of meditation techniques
  43. ADHD in children: Efficacy of dance and music therapy
  44. Hypoplastic left heart syndrome: Management strategies
  45. Kidney stones in children: Preventive strategies
  46. Children with type 1 diabetes from ethnic minorities: Risk factors
  47. Type 1 diabetes in children: Genetic factors

Health Promotion Nursing Research Topics

  1. New ways of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in older age
  2. Community-based exercise programs for older adults
  3. Preventive medicine practices for seniors
  4. Communication and sharing of preventative medicine techniques: New ways
  5. Ideas for quitting smoking: new techniques
  6. Planning meaningful activities with older adults as a means of reducing depressive symptoms
  7. Late-life depression management programs for the elderly
  8. Smoking cessation: The study of obstacles
  9. Involvement of children in various physical activities: Promotion strategies
  10. Youth inactivity: Ways of raising awareness
  11. Health promotion strategies for obesity
  12. New ways of educating young people about the importance of having a positive body image
  13. Motivation to change inactive behavior in young people
  14. Involvement of children in various physical activities: Promotion strategies
  15. Improving diabetes lifestyle
  16. New strategies in fostering cancer-preventive behaviors
  17. Workplace wellness programs as ways of supporting healthy behavior
  18. New ways of increasing cancer screening rates
  19. Maintenance of healthy work environments: New ways
  20. Workplace health promotion among low-paid workers: New strategies
  21. Workplace programs for raising awareness of heart disease
  22. Occupational health and safety programs for people working in dangerous conditions
  23. The effects of second-hand smoking: Ways of raising awareness
  24. New ways of reducing exposure to cancer risk factors
  25. Non-occupational factors in the general environment: Ways of raising awareness
  26. Award-system as means of promotion of participation in workplace initiatives
  27. New ways of increasing worker’s participation in shaping the working environment
  28. Alcohol as a risk factor for cancer: Ways of raising awareness
  29. Healthy eating habits as a means of preventing the development of diet-associated cancer
  30. The importance of vaccines for the hepatitis B virus in cancer prevention
  31. Physical inactivity as a major cause of death in developed countries
  32. UV radiation and skin cancer: Ways of raising awareness
  33. The role of school-based interventions in preventing childhood mental health problems
  34. Cyberbullying: Ways of raising awareness and prevention
  35. Workplace policies: Depression management promotion
  36. The role of school-based interventions in preventing childhood mental health problems
  37. Ways of raising awareness on the routes of transmitting infectious diseases
  38. HIV prevention: New ways of health promotion
  39. Health childhood development: Health education for children
  40. Brain exercise: Understanding key principles
  41. Managing the global epidemic: Ways of raising health awareness
  42. Disease outbreaks: The role of health promotion
  43. Communication of useful health information to lay community: New ways
  44. The efficacy of school health promotion
  45. Brain health programs: Creating new strategies on a small budget

Patient Falls Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

This is an area that is being continuously addressed by nurses. Whether it’s a BSN, MSN, or DNP Capstone Project, you can choose an idea on patient falls and write a well-written capstone project that can deliver you the top grades. Here are some of the ideas you can choose for your capstone project:

  1. Prevention of patient falls through education
  2. Potential causes of falls in hospitals
  3. Nursing interventions to prevent falls
  4. Fall prevention strategies in home settings
  5. Evidence-based practice fall intervention strategies in the hospital setting
  6. Defining fall and fall risk patients
  7. The use of technology in fall prevention
  8. Quality improvement program for reducing falls in medical-surgical units
  9. Role of hospital leadership in preventing patient falls
  10. The use of technology in fall prevention
  11. The use of SPICES framework and FAMILY cards to assess old patients
  12. Hospital-Based Fall Program Measurement and Improvement in High-Reliability Organizations
  13. Creating a safety culture that prevents falls
  14. The use of video and camera monitoring to prevent falls among elderly patients
  15. Standardized fall risk assessment tool
  16. Outpatient fall risk assessment tool
  17. Use of exercise in reducing fall among elderly patients
  18. Multifactorial fall risk assessment
  19. Using engineering controls to prevent falls among patients and the elderly
  20. Medical staff attitude and knowledge about in-patient falls
  21. Strategies to reduce patient injuries from falls
  22. Nurse education on patient falls and safety culture
  23. The Morse fall risk scale and its significance in fall risk assessment and management
  24. Effects of implementing evidence-based fall risk scale on fall rates
  25. Impact of visiting home nurses on reducing in-patient falls
  26. Safety awareness activities for elderly patients
  27. Physical environmental risk factors for elderly falls
  28. Role of pharmacists in addressing patient falls
  29. Home modification approach to falls management
  30. An interdisciplinary approach to fall management in clinical settings

Nursing Leadership Capstone Project Ideas

Nursing leadership is an area that many researchers have ventured into. But this doesn’t mean that all the information is exhausted. You can get an ideal capstone project idea in a nursing leadership specialty that can deliver you the best grades if written well. These are some of the best capstone project ideas you can consider in this field:

  1. Significance of nurse leadership
  2. Theories that support nurse leadership
  3. The stress management approach for nurse leaders
  4. Importance of ethical practice among nurse leaders
  5. How nurse leaders can initiate and manage change
  6. Long term and short term goals for clinical leaders
  7. Importance of charismatic leadership among nurse leaders
  8. How nurse leaders can initiate and manage change
  9. What is leadership from a nursing perspective?
  10. Importance of nurse leaders in quality improvement projects
  11. Role of transformational leadership among nurse managers
  12. The link between nurse leadership and change management
  13. Challenges facing contemporary nurse leaders
  14. Nurse leaders as patient advocates
  15. Nurse leadership: Passion or Duty?
  16. Role of nurse leaders in solving conflicts in clinical settings
  17. Impacts of nurse engagement and inclusion on patient outcomes
  18. Organizational strategies nurse leaders can use to motivate the healthcare personnel
  19. How nurse leaders can address burnout among nurses
  20. Role of nurse managers in healthcare
  21. Influential nurse leaders in the political space
  22. Effective nursing leadership styles
  23. Strengths and weaknesses of charge nurses
  24. Leadership characteristics that represent excellence
  25. Management styles in nursing
  26. Student nurses and leadership
  27. Nurse leadership qualities and behavior
  28. Improving nursing leadership skills
  29. Leadership characteristics that represent excellence
  30. Top qualities of a great nurse leader
  31. Leadership in nursing education
  32. How nurse leaders can ensure team leadership for the best collaboration in healthcare teams
  33. Transactional leadership approach among nurses
  34. Defining leadership in nursing
  35. Leadership characteristics that represent excellence
  36. Training plan for nurse leaders
  37. Difference between accountability among nurse leaders in developed nations and developing nations
  38. Pharmaceutical companies overpricing medication: Background and Policy Landscape
  39. Comparing and contrasting nurse leadership roles in private and public hospitals
  40. The role of nursing organizations in shaping the future of nursing

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Where to Get Suitable Nursing Project Ideas

Are you looking for nursing capstone project ideas but you don’t know where to start from? We, let’s look at some of the ideal places to source your ideas for your upcoming nursing project.

1. Class Notes and Past Capstone Projects

Starting with your class notes is a big step towards getting a suitable capstone project idea. Reviewing the notes you have written throughout the semesters will get your brains churning out great ideas. Past capstone projects can also help you identify a great capstone project idea. Skimming through past capstone projects can help brainstorm various ideas as written by different persons. At the end of it, you can be sure to settle on a viable capstone project idea.

2. Nursing News Articles

Getting hold of news articles that detail issues in the local healthcare centers and homes could help ignite a capstone project idea. Nursing homes and local health care centers have for many years been trailed by problems. For example, think about management issues in these centers. While pondering the issues you might come up with a viable project idea for your capstone.

3. Clinical Rounds

Clinical rounds allow you to work with a preceptor and at times shadow your peers when there is a shortage. In this case, you could have learned significantly from these clinical. Whatever, little you learned, especially when providing care to the patient can be converted into a great capstone project idea. What was your experience? What were the challenges? What concepts worked and which ones did not? Was your clinical facility using evidence-based practices in nursing? These are some of the questions that can inform your capstone project idea.

4. Read Nursing Journal Articles

Regular reading of nursing journal articles or medicine-focused journals will put you in a better place to come up with a great idea for your capstone project. You will have unlimited access to lots of information on research and reviewed articles. You will always be up to date with the most recent nursing publications and privy to all the trending topics in nursing. With all these, we bet that you can miss getting an excellent capstone project idea.

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These are just a few of the sources that can be a good avenue for great nursing capstone ideas. If you are looking for capstone project ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us. We guarantee you the best capstone project ideas that you can comfortably write about.

Importance of Capstone Projects to Nursing Students

The capstone project serves many goals in the nursing course. However, the primary goals are anchored in the need for students to demonstrate theoretical knowledge in solving practice-based issues in various nursing specialties. Check out why it is important to write a nursing capstone project.

  • Capstone projects gives chance to students to combine work from class with professional practice: As you write your capstone project, you can apply different nursing theories, models, ideas, and frameworks to help improve your professional development.
  • Understanding Community Needs: Through the writing of nursing capstone projects, a student can identify and address the healthcare issues and needs within a community set-up.  
  • Help define a problem or opportunity: For example, a rise in the rates of childhood obesity is a problem that a nursing capstone project can come up with actionable strategies to address the issue.
  • Helps develop an interest in a given Specialty: As you are researching and working on your nursing capstone project, you can in the process develop an interest in a given area in the nursing course that you can further your studies on.
  • Help studiers to have a look as the nursing world from a systems approach point of view: When a student takes up nursing capstone projects during their final year in college, they most likely make a difference in the healthcare setting and the community at large. This is because in the capstone project they will try to solve systemic issues in their areas of specialty.

An excellent capstone project ought to reflect the use of data, statistics, research ethics, leadership, and program theory and be preceded by a capstone research proposal. 

Nursing Research Paper Definitions and Key Rules

Nursing research questions often revolve around the concept of definition. What most nursing students across various colleges and universities forget is that successful nursing research ought to be as innovative as possible.

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Regardless of what area of nursing you want to specialize it is important to remain specific. You can consider choosing a topic that deals with ethics, diversity, history among other ideas for your research paper. However, the key rule with a nursing research paper is using relevant sources along with maintaining the research structure format.

The nursing research paper, as a rule, must have an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion with the reference page, depending on the format requirements. Keep an academic writing style without bringing in colloquial language and first-person, if the paper is not a personal reflection.

When introducing facts in support of your argument, remember to provide a proper citation from relevant nursing journals, articles, and books to avoid plagiarism risks.

Nursing Research Process Components

Perfect nursing research always begins with prior research for possible topic ideas and finding the relevant academic journals dealing with the topic. Let’s say, for instance, you want to research child care. It is recommended to research works on this topic by other scholars to understand the challenges and relevant issues before settling on researchable topics under this segment. By doing so, you will find related sources and choose a little different approach to make your research paper unique.

The next step is the research paper introduction where you have to provide an interesting hook that can either be a solid statement or providing an arguable argumentation.  If you are writing a hot controversial research topic, consider making a claim that can is developed into a suitable thesis statement.

When writing the body paragraphs, you must desist from using too many ideas since this approach confuses your audience and generally makes it difficult to come up with a conclusive conclusion. As the concluding paragraph, make sure it calls to action and provides a personal recommendation or analysis of information conversed.

If you are going to use any statistics or comparison data in your research paper, make sure to include a full listing in the Appendix or notes if required. Be sure to use nursing theorists, support your arguments with accurate in-text citations and make your research paper’s qualitative elements prevail over quantitative.


The information provided in this article is derived from a combination of expert authors, nursing research studies, and reputable academic sources. The nursing capstone project ideas, advice on creating nursing capstone projects, and suggestions for finding suitable nursing project ideas have been curated based on established nursing education principles and practices. Below is a list of sources used


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