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The Statement of Purpose (SOP) is one of the essential parts of any admission application to any institution of higher learning. As such, you can burn the midnight oil to get it right.

However, you don’t need a sledgehammer to crack a nut, right? If you have any doubts about writing a perfect statement of purpose for your admission, you can take help from expert SOP writing services.

Cutting corners won’t help when it comes to writing SOP, especially when you are fully aware that it is the most important document in your admission to pursue your dream in the best university. Instead, you can reach out to us for SOP expert writing services if you feel challenged to deliver the best document. Our experts possess vast experience in writing SOPs for many years. Therefore, you are guaranteed the best quality of writing services.

How Do You Structure Your SOP?

SOP Writing Services

An SOP has more than just 3500 to 4000 characters, some words, and life experiences. As such, for you to write a winning SOP you must know how to structure it first. What most students do is that they take a free sample of SOPs available from the internet, proceed to model it to suit your needs, and submit it. Rejection of this kind of application should not come as a surprise, rather accept it.

Therefore, you must know such free samples are meant to be used as a reference for writing your SOP. But should you want to avoid facing a crisis, then you should consider taking SOP writing services.

Structure of a Statement of Purpose

  • Introduction

Make the introduction part as brief as possible with just 100 words. Start by innovatively introducing yourself in a way that creates an ever-lasting impression on the person that is reading it. Our SOP writing experts recommend that you start with a bold but effective sentence. That way, you demonstrate a sense of confidence and positivity as well. Try to include what motivates you to study the program you’re applying for. 

  • Academic and Professional Background

What program are you applying for? If you are applying for a Bachelor’s program, then make sure you describe the valid reasons for choosing the particular course and what prompted you to pursue it.

Equally, if you are applying for a Master’s program, be sure to outline it chronologically. Include the dates, name of the company, and location you work for as well as the job title. Add credibility to this section by describing the responsibilities of each job title briefly. Scan through the SOP samples to get a better understanding of how to tackle this section.

  • Why this Program

The admission panel is more likely interested in reading this section of your statement of purpose. Here, you can discuss how pursuing this course will complete your career plan. Show the cost-benefit analysis and demonstrate that the course will be of great benefit in procuring a better job. You can write this section with at least 200 words. If you still find it challenging writing your SOP, take SOP writing services to deliver you the best statement of purpose.

  • Why this University and Country

Our statement of purpose writing experts advises that you scan through your chosen university’s website so that you know more about the university and write about it as you have been there. Be specific and include 3-5 reasons for choosing the university in about 150 words. When writing about the chosen country, be sure to make a comparison with other leading study destinations.

  • Your Career Plan and Future Goals

Are you in a position to write about your career plan and future goals perfectly? Well, we can help you innovatively do that. This section short-term career goals and the organizations you would like to work for. The short-term goals are just but a stepping stone to where you want to be in 10 years. Our experts will focus the energy on your specialization part so that it comes out explicitly.

Tips for Writing a Winning Statement of Purpose

When writing an SOP, it is vital to follow a specific approach. However, most students tend to write freestyle about anything that comes to their mind or whatever they get from the internet. But if you are looking to write an SOP that sounds exceptional and original, you have come to the right place. Here, we give you the proven tips you need to write a flawless statement of purpose. Check them out!

  1. Prepare a list of all that you want to include

An SOP is generally a long document that requires proper planning. So, before you start writing, you must think and prepare what you want to include. You SOP will ideally allow you to express your journey of life in the academic field so far and seek to understand your aspiration and future goals. As such, there are a lot of things to include.

First, you need to understand what you need to include in your SOP before preparing the list. Just take a piece of paper and write down the points that you think you should tell the admission panel. Among the list, be sure to include your short-term goals, long-term goals, and where you see yourself in at least ten years.

What you should include in your SOP

  • Personal background
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Your failures
  • Work experience – part-time, full time, or voluntary
  • Your published works and papers submitted.


Equally, here are some of the things you should not include in your SOP:

  • All your accomplishments
  • Your family history
  • Financial details
  • Details about your academic projects

2. Prune the List

In this phase, you must revisit the list and prune it to perfection. Decide on the theme and start removing instances that don’t necessarily fit with the theme. This is extremely vital to know what you need to include in your SOP and what you should not. Besides, you can customize the list as per the program you are applying for.

3. Research about the Course and the University

Only when you do research is when you will know more about the course and university. Be sure to research about culture and success stories of the university and how best they are at your chosen program. With the information, you will greatly customize your SOP and sync your goals with your career path.

Even if they don’t categorically ask, when you are applying for a research-based program, it is important to name the faculty members and their respective research projects they are currently undertaking.

4. When Writing, Start Early

When writing your SOP, you must start early enough before the submission date nears. Be sure to introspect about your life events, achievements, and why you want to pursue the course you are applying for and in that particular university. Mention your strengths and weaknesses, your career goals, and how the course will help you attain them. You need to figure out how to pen down all these with passion and persuasiveness.

5. Write about Stories, Not Statement

Stories are more interesting to read than statements. Although statements may deliver facts briefly and concisely, they don’t capture the reader’s attention and the urge to want to read through to the last word. Moreover, the stories allow the reader to connect with you. Your SOP should exactly connect with the admission panel.

6. Write Quality Stories

When writing a story, make sure you write a quality one. Make it as interesting as possible while serving as the best source of information about you, and when it comes to this, numbers play an important role. So, tell your story qualitatively as well as quantitatively. That means that your story must contain measurable quantities, instead of empty stories for the admission panel to understand the depth of it. Numbers make the story sound more realistic.

7. Be Specific

Ensure that whatever you write in your SOP, you should be specific with information. Don’t just say something to impress the admissions panel. Whatever you write down, you have to dig deeper into the details. Explain briefly why you’re pursuing the program and what made you decide that you want to work in this field. Moreover, explain the kind of trying to gain and why it completes you as an individual and among others.

Beating around the bush won’t help,  go straight to the point and make it come out clearly, but don’t make the information come off arrogant. 

8. Customize Your SOP

One of the biggest mistakes most students make preparing a basic template for their SOP and use it in applying for more than one university or college. They only change the relevant names and details while the rest of the information remains a copy. This isn’t a good idea because you will be giving the same information to a different institution.

Bear in mind that every university has the diverse characteristics that define it, from culture, vision, values, strengths, motto, methodology, and weaknesses among others. These characteristics are even more important than the departments, rankings, the number of Ph.D.’s, or other material qualities a university might have.

So, if you are writing to different universities, you need to customize your SOPs to depict the qualities, characteristics, and values of each institution accordingly. By changing names and a few details won’t help. Tailor each SOP in a way that each admission committee feels you fit their community.

9. Use Formal, Yet Conversational Tone

When writing your SOP, don’t make it super formal as it will sound you are addressing a lieutenant in the military. Make your writing formal yet conversational as if you are seated addressing the admission committee directly.

Visualize how you could talk to the director or dean of your college. How would it be like to be? What language would you use? That is how you should make your statement of purpose should sound. Don’t bring in intentional funny lines or jokes, but some occasional humor can do. You can bring a smile to the reader’s face, but it shouldn’t make the throw away your SOP for lack of seriousness in it.

10. Be Yourself

Since we asked you to write stories instead of statements before, it is natural that you might naturally incline to create stories out of thin air and claim to be real. We discourage you from creating imaginary stories, write good stories if you have them. You can derive great stories from your background. Even if it is a normal one and you’re yet to achieve anything spectacular. 

Just be normal and write normal stories. It is good to be normal than pretend to be someone else. The admission panel is composed of experts, and they will spot a true applicant from an imposter by just reading your SOP. As such, you will significantly reduce your chances of joining the institution if you write lies about yourself. Therefore, write about real things that have happened to you and what you are passionate about. 

11. Address the Issues

An SOP allows you to address some of the issues you might have such as problematic academic background, work-related issues, or a gap year in your career. You can address such problems and reassure the panel honestly and professionally possible.

Don’t go out defending yourself, instead point out the actual reasons that caused the problems, highlight how you handled or overcome the situation and the experience you learned as a result. For instance, you might have gotten low grades in one semester. Although this is not a better academic profile for distinguished graduate school will want from you unless you have a strong valid reason behind it. Therefore, dedicate a few sentences to explain whatever transpired.

Maybe you had an emotional setback during that semester, got sick, experienced a personal loss, or you took additional family responsibility other than studying. You can mention that as the reason, but don’t forget to show how you have managed to steadily improve the grades to attain a decent grade-point on average in the course since then.

12. Take Advice from Professors

If you know a professor in your department at undergraduate school, don’t shy away from seeking advice regarding your SOP. Without a doubt, they are experienced in matters to do with the statement of purpose, as they have seen several samples from students in their career. Besides, it won’t cost you anything to ask for their opinion. 

Moreover, they are technically sound thus can offer you valuable insights on how to position your technical expertise and research work in your statement of purpose. A professor will know what the other professor looks for in a potential student. As such, it would be helpful if you approach your college professor for advice on writing your SOP.

Checklist for a Flawless Statement of Purpose

Having a checklist can be helpful as it will keep you on track on what to include in your SOP. Besides, it will guide you in writing in an organized manner while you cover your points in a proper order without confusing yourself and the readers. By following meticulous order, you will make your SOP look a lot better to read and understand your academic journey. 


  • Introduce yourself in a unique manner
  • Demonstrate your passion for the program
  • Story about your background and (or) experience in the field you’ve chosen to pursue
  • Description of your academic background in the chosen program
  • Mention specific course you have taken that are related to your field of interest
  • Mention some professors you have studied under, more so, if they are renowned in that field.
  • Mention the co-curricular and extracurricular activities you take part in your field
  • Mention your publications and other professional accomplishments in your field
  • Mention any leadership experience or community service while in college
  • Explain about problems in the background if you need to
  • Explanation of why you chose the specific field of study
  • Mention the specific features of the graduation program and the university that you find attractive to you and why.
  • Seek advice from your professors, close course mates, and family
  • Proofread and edit before submission

These are some of the strategies t writing a winning statement of purpose. By closely following them, you can be sure to write an exceptional SOP, which will secure your admission to your dream university. However, if you find it difficult living to the expectations of the admission committee, don’t hesitate to seek our SOP writing services.

We offer the best highly qualified writers to work on your SOP and ensure you get the best possible outcome. With our SOP writing services, you benefit the following:

  • High-quality SOP content
  • 100% plagiarism-free content
  • Timely delivery
  • Customized SOP to the university and course you are applying for
  • Reasonably priced services
  • In case you need changes on the document delivered, you get the service free

SOP writing services

So, if you are looking for SOP writing services for your statement of purpose, we are here to help. Order now and get exceptional services for your SOP!

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