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You’ve been working on your DNP project for months and now it’s time to submit.

But you know that the last thing you want is a low-quality DNP project with plagiarism and errors. That’s where we come in. Our team of professional DNP editors will make sure that your work is polished and meets all academic standards. We also offer a revision service if needed so you can be confident about submitting the best possible version of your DNP Project.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today! We guarantee our services at an affordable price as well as a free revision if necessary – so there’s nothing holding you back from submitting the best DNP capstone project!

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What is DNP Editing?

Your DNP project most likely has several typing errors, grammar, spelling, and a myriad of value-battering mistakes. Just like high-quality paint transforms the appearance of a build, top-quality professional DNP editing services will perfect your good DNP project. However, top-quality expert editing services don’t come cheap. Regardless, competent editing can make a great difference in the overall quality of your DNP project.

You will hear people say they have completed writing their DNP capstone project, but they are yet to proofread it. But do you know what exactly they mean? Or what comes to your mind when you hear someone say they need to proofread their document? 

Certainly, you think they want to read through their draft to spot and remove typing and spelling errors. Obviously, editing does eliminate spelling errors and typographical mistakes in your work. However, that is not the only thing it attains. Editing is the process of improving a piece of writing to make it adhere to the specific style guide and get it ready for publication or other purposes. In this case, the purpose is marking and grading.

So, how does editing attain that? In formal documents such as the DNP project, editing seeks to correct and refine the content, structure, and format. The DNP document should conform to the required formatting style but also make it coherent in conveying information.

So, Is Proofreading Different from Editing?

Yes. However, proofreading is one of the most critical phases of editing. Proofreading comes as the final stage of editing. Proofreading is different from editing in many different ways. Here are some of the ways they two differ.

  • Proofreading is done at the final draft of your work, while editing is done right from the first draft to the final document.
  • Proofreading seeks to address surface-level issues like spelling mistakes. Editing, on the other hand, addresses the core issues of writing, formatting, and structure.
  • Proofreading aims at eliminating spelling errors, grammatical and punctuation mistakes, inconsistencies, and formatting. On the other hand, editing focuses on making the language fluent by changing clarity, readability, and smooth narration.
  • Proofreading does not include word count reduction, while editing includes word reduction wherever necessary.
  • Proofreading aims at making already good writing error-free. Editing aims at improving the overall quality of the work.

Now that you know the difference between editing and proofreading, what kind of editing services are you looking for for your DNP capstone project? Let’s check them out!

What DNP Editing Services Do You Need?

When asking for DNP editing services, it is vital to understand the kind of editing services you want at a particular stage of writing your DNP project. That is because different editing services are needed at different phases of writing. Even though you can perform these types of editing when writing your DNP capstone project, the time and effort you will need to spend on other programs make it necessary to hire a professional editor to help.

What to Look for When Hiring a Professional Editor

Universities often don’t recommend any particular editing services. As such, the process of hiring an editor for your DNP project is rather a personal affair. Regardless, there are a few things you can look for when you are trying to get an editor for your DNP project.

One thing you should consider in an editor is their experience in the academic writing industry. Check their experience and familiarize yourself with the editor’s work to see whether their experience is worth bringing into your DNP project. Most editor profiles will have a portfolio or samples of completed work. 

You can also consider clarifying with the editor the kind of editing they have experienced in. Even if you have to hire several editors throughout your DNP project writing, it is crucial to ensure they can provide the editing services you need.

Moreover, make sure to involve your capstone project chair as well as the committee through all the stages of your DNP writing process.

Different Types of Editing Services

Developmental Editing Services

Developmental editing happens at the early stages of the writing process. It is also known as conceptual editing. Essentially, developmental editing is done on a rough outline of your DNP project, and you need help bringing the different pieces together.

As such, a developmental editor will focus on organizing and structuring your DNP project rather than word choice, grammar, and punctuation. Moreover, they will make sure the arguments line up logically, facts and the evidence are in the right place. Most importantly, the entire DNP project content flows well.

Bear in mind that developmental editing doesn’t involve adding anything in writing or rewriting. Although editors might make some suggestions, they are entirely committed to making your DNP project come out perfect while helping you learn how to organize ideas, structure your content, and transition flawlessly between arguments.

If you need help turning your DNP project ideas into a perfect project, you can hire our developmental editor to help.

Evaluation Editing Services

The evaluation editor mainly focuses on assessing the structure, completeness, flow, and overall quality of your DNP project. The editor will provide you with a short piece that summarizes their key points, areas of concern, and their suggestions concerning your DNP project.

They will make a short note of any structural concerns or doubts they have. However, like developmental editors, they will be focusing on the big picture issues of your DNP project. So, if you get a glowing evaluation concerning your DNP project, then your project is ready for proofreading.

But if they point out some issues with content organization and structure, you need a developmental editor to work on it again. If the structuring is ok, but the writing needs reworking, you might require the services of a line editor or content editor to strengthen your text.

Content Editing Services

Content editing is also known as substantive. While developmental and evaluation edits focus on the big picture issues of your DNP, content edit is the stage where the editor starts to dig into the texts of your document.

The content editor should provide you with a paragraph-level set of markups on your document while providing corrections and pointing out incomplete sections. They will also offer advice on ironing the flow and construction of your DNP chapters, sections, and subsections.

The main focus of the content editor is on the tone and voice of your DNP document. The editor should be fully aware of your target audience to ensure your content tone is a perfect fit for that audience. Moreover, the writing sounds like you.

The main difference between content editors and line editors is, the content editor is not as thorough as the line editor. A content editor will not move your DNP chapters around but works on sections and paragraphs within the chapters. They may also take the content to a different chapter or delete it completely. So, if you need a content editor for your DNP project, we are here to help.

Line Editing Services

 Line editing is also known as comprehensive editing. As the name suggests, a line editor does a line-by-line review of your document. To this level, editors have worked on your DNP document on a high level.

Now, the line editor will get into your document to provide the most detailed edit. Your line editor will make your prose flow. However, if the content therein is not well-structured, it will not come out perfect. 

As such, it is crucial to give your DNP document a perfect structure and organize the content well before handing it over to a line editor. The line editor will be focusing on whether your word choice is on point and if each sentence delivers the intended effect on the document.  

Like the other editors, line editors focus on your DNP’s flow. However, they emphasize how each word in the sentences interacts with the others. Moreover, the sentences flow into each other. 

They will identify clichés, run-on sentences, and sentence fragments. They will help refine meaning, remove jargon, and ensure each sentence sounds perfect in the reader’s mind. They will also cut your natural inclination toward wordiness by cutting wordy sentences.

Line editors are not concerned with the errors but the kind of words you use to convey information to your readers. In fact, they want to ensure your text is brief, simple, and concise. If you need a line editor to deliver you what we have just mentioned, show that desire on our DNP Editing Services website. 

  • Copyediting Services

A copyeditor will go through your DNP document with hawk eyes to find spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. It doesn’t matter how confident you are in your DNP project the document won’t be mistake-free.

Your copy editor will not only find mistakes but also check whether your document followed the required style guide for your DNP writing. These kinds of mistakes are the ones that make the difference between scoring a high grade and a passing grade. If you want to score high in your DNP capstone project, hire our expert copyeditors to get your DNP document sparkling clean. 

Proofreading Services

A professional proofreader will print out your DNP document and meticulously go through it when it is already formatted and designed. They give a final review before you actually submit your DNP document for grading. Proofreading comes just before submission. Therefore, it is the last line of defense against errors lurking in your document.

Always consider having your DNP document copyedited and professionally formatted before it is a proofreader. Like the copyeditor, a proofreader focuses on typos, misspelling, and punctuation errors. Besides, they also look out for mistakes like page numbering, headings consistency, placement of tables of figures, poor line or page breaks, and many more. A proofreader will catch all the mistakes that a copyeditor missed.

Get proven DNP Editing Services Today!

So, are you looking for top-notch DNP editing services? You have come to the right place. We are experts in DNP editing who can help you fine-tune your DNP document. That way, you will present it with confidence before your DNP capstone project committee.

If you think your DNP document is good, think again. You are a doctoral candidate bear in mind that perfection is what every doctoral candidate aims at. Although perfection is unattainable most of the time, you can still strive towards perfection, and most likely you will hit great. Without a doubt, great is way better than just good enough.

The DNP editing services we offer are more than just proofreading of the document. We have a team of expert editors on the call to improve every aspect of your DNP project document. They will cross-check the relevance for your graphs, images, tables, and citations to make sure there is comprehensive documentation of your work according to the required formatting style.

We provide tailored editing services to satisfy our clients. Your DNP document will be edited in adherence to specifications, eliminate all the errors and deliver the document in the agreed deadline, without delay.

We have been offering DNP editing services for many years. As such, you can trust us to improve your DNP document formatting, referencing, and structuring. 

We provide comprehensive DNP editing services yet at an affordable cost. Most importantly, we offer a free revision. If you feel that some sections of your document do not meet your expectations.

So, are you looking for quality, originality, plagiarism-free, and affordable editing services? Well, you can shoot us an email, live chat or give us a call and tell us about the type of DNP editing services you need.

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