1. Please complete the attachment for the stakeholder Analysis Tool with the instructions below:

Respond to the following in a minimum of 250 words and supported by one scholarly reference: 

  • – Could you describe the nature of your project? Making a trauma-informed leadership training or module to help leadership understand more what COVID has done to our staff and how that can affect our retention, staff morale, etc.
  • – How does identifying the stakeholders affect your project?
  • – How would you differentiate a low-impact from a high-impact stakeholder?
  • – Did you find the Stakeholder Analysis Tool helpful? Could you explain why or why not? 2. 2. 2. Please see the attachment for the Current Situation Assessment and Lit Review with the instructions below:

Task 1 – Current Situation Assessment

The first step in developing an administrative intervention for a current issue or problem is to define the current situation and the relevant components that affect it.

Nursing Leadership is feeling unequip and overwhelmed with all their responsibilities that they are unable to become influential leaders (something to this topic)


Complete the Current Situation Assessment worksheet. ( see attachment)


Based on your answers from the worksheet, could you write a 350-word summary of the assessment? 


Task 2 – Literature Review


Could you conduct a literature review about your project focus identified in your Current Situation Assessment? 


Review 15 academic, peer-reviewed sources. Sources should be at most five years old. 


Create a 5-page narrative literature synthesis incorporating the 15 articles reviewed, including a discussion on these topics: 

  • Evidence-based best practices
  • Quality indicators
  • A means for validating assumptions
  • Successful interventions


a reference page with all 15 sources (the reference page does not count as one of the required five pages).