How to Write a Finance Management Research Papers

How to Write a Finance Management Papers

Generating a research paper in financial management is considered technical writing. University and college students struggle to write papers as Financial management covers numerous topics that are very tough for them to grasp. This may might most students feeling coerced by Finance research paper writing assignments. 

Reading through this guide helps you if you are stuck in writing your Finance Management assignment. It is essential to understand that complex the writing process might be in finance management; basic things like structure remain the same across the board. Writing in this course involves using technical jargon hence making it difficult for most students. Still, once you familiarize yourself with the language of finance, everything can be flawless for you.

When you start writing your finance management papers, the most crucial step in looking for credible resources is reading relevant and related content. You can get the needed data from newspapers, journals, books, websites, and other online resources to begin the research process on the topic of study.

It will be best if you get information from a trusted source, and you need high comprehension skills to get the best data from all the content you go through.

How to Choose a Suitable Topic.

Going through different publications and resources will give you a hint on the topic on which your finance management research paper will be about which area of study. You should at least pick a topic that you can comfortably write on. Pick a topic that you easy with will help you to convey your idea confidentiality. When choosing a topic, kindly ensure that you write on an issue relating to the field of study; otherwise, your lecturer will find your paper irrelevant.

Be wise and seek the professor’s approval on the topic you have picked before writing your finance management paper. As an action will boost your confidence when you are articulating your ideas and save time.

Make sure you settle on a narrow topic. It will communicate your ideas and focus more on your study. On the other hand, a broad topic gives you a hard time explaining your points. A short topic allows you to tackle and examine the whole subject in question within your paper’s preference framework and guidelines. When picking your topic, you should choose an issue with a lot of data relating to aspects of Finance Management. It is important to remember that you will only get your lecturer’s attention when you pick a topic relating to the course.

It would help if you focused on an area of study that will make you easily outline your ideas. For instance, if you choose to settle on a corporate governance topic, you can pick a firm like Facebook and study its operations and rules that govern the business. Avoid topics that are too specialized, technical or an issue that you can’t get sufficient data on during your research.

Other areas to consider include; 

Investment management- You can explore how an institution manages its financial resources. Significant investments include commodities, equity, fixed income assets, etc. This topic is narrow but allows you to explore critical points within your paper’s framework.

Rick management– the area, is all about how a business manages feature events that may lead to loss and how they minimize the impact of such events. 

Thesis Statement.

After picking a suitable topic, the next step is to write a thesis statement; a short explanation about what your Finance Management paper entails. The thesis will help guide you while writing your articles. You will reflect on the data collected during the research on the issue of study and develop a good statement.  

It would be best if you remembered that a thesis also guides your lecturer during grading. You need to write a thesis statement that will make your readers either support or oppose your study; otherwise, your Finance Management research paper will be a general opinion. 

It would help if you created some tension in writing thesis statements. This will help you get your lecturers’ attention, giving them reasons to read through your papers. You need to be keen when writing a thesis statement and ensure that your message is not generic. Otherwise, you can easily score average grades of wring an obverse statement and bring out your ideas in a general manner. A controversial statement creates a divergent view from your reader, making your content interesting. An academic paper doesn’t need to be boring unless you want your professor to lose interest before going through the rest of your financial management paper.

Outline of a Finance Management Research Paper. 

Before you start writing that paper, you must remember the objectives of this assignment. Like any other research paper, a finance management paper is to test your skills in financial analysis on a particular subject of study. For instance, a student might decide to focus on a public listed company like Facebook. You should always select an area of research that you perfectly understand. 

With everything set, you have selected a topic, and your thesis statement is read; the next move is to think of a good outline for your assignment. A research paper can earn you 220 points which is 22% of the finance management course score. It would be best if you had an organized piece to get good grades. An outline guides your readers and helps you to present your argument clear. It is crucial to focus your analysis on information within five years to validate your idea.

Selecting a fantastic outline makes it easy for you to communicate the main idea in your research. It makes sense to go for a simple outline that will make your paper attractive, making it fun for the reader to go through. It is good to create a plan that will flaw with your framework and thesis statement. Creativity counts, but it equally important to remember that your finance management paper should follow your thesis statement in its entirety.  An organized research paper should have a title page, acknowledgment, abstract Introduction, body, conclusion. 

At this point, you are good to go. You can now start putting your idea together following the guidelines of your outline and thesis statement. When presenting an idea in your finance management papers, always front the main idea, support it with solid points. Don’t forget that your write-up should not be a general opinion and that you need to write an impressive research paper. 

Let now look at what is expected in each segment of the research paper: 

Title Page.

You readers will first interact with the title page before going through the rest of the task. It is, therefore, essential to make sure that you have an impressive title page. The objective of this page is to outline the content of your financial management paper. 

How Do I write a Title Page? Well, the page comprises of two parts. In the first section of your title, you can highlight your article’s title, author’s name, author affiliations, and corresponding information on the author. In this case, you are the author of your financial management paper.

The other part focuses on secondary details of your paper. It entails a discussion on headers, keywords, footnotes- usually includes information on main support points, conflict of interest. This section also discusses the list of abbreviations, word count, and other critical data of your research paper. It is important to note that this part is optional depending on the framework that you are using in your paper writing task.

The Title

An article title plays a significant role in the title page and the entire assignment. It helps when you give your paper an exciting title to attract your readers. A boring title will, on the other side attract less interest. There are two types of article tiles; descriptive tiles focus on your research’s main idea while a conclusive title highlights the conclusion. 

An ideal title is written as a phrase, but you can either go for a declaration statement or go with a question. This will put your reader in a position of either agreeing or disputing your statement, therefore, pushing them towards reading through your task. Questions create anxiety hence driving your reader towards wanting to what your paper is all about. 

What should I Avoid When Writing a Title?  

Students should avoid unnecessary punctuation when writing titles on their finance management papers. Avoid making the following mistakes:

  •  Abbreviations – you shouldn’t use abbreviations in your titles; this will keep your reader focused as some abbreviations might confuse your readers as they are not universal. 
  • Including non-specific openings in your title.
  • Using complex words; is an excellent example of such terms.
  • Using dashes and full-stops in separating the segments of your paper titles 
  • Writing very long titles.

Remember that your title page should also incorporate the writer’s name, proportionate data on the writer, and author affiliations. 


An acknowledgment is another crucial part that so not misses in your finance management papers.  It provides the needed recognition to your sources of information on your research.  Here you will have to state your data collection sources and credit them for their excellent work. It is wise to write a short statement mentioning the primary contributors of your finance management study. 

Drafting the Acknowledgement Segment In Finance Management Paper.

Writing this section involves identifying your sources and their contribution to the study.  The list of contributors should combine bother printing sources and non-printing sources; you can mention the author, `editing services, administrative support, and reference sources. 

There is a difference between an author and a contributor. An author should have the main contribution to your study. A writer should at least help in drafting and doing other editorial tasks like editing and proofreading the content of your research paper. If a person makes critical contributions towards the research or makes conclusive approval before the study is published, then he/she is considered an author.  

In the acknowledgment section, you need to give the role played by an author. This will help your readers to know the specific role of each writer in your finance management paper. When analyzing a concept in finance management, you will interact with other people who will contribute. These people are known as a contributor. You must acknowledge and mention people proving support critical in services like revision, printing, and other technical support during the whole process of data analysis and course study.

You can customize the format of your acknowledgment statement. Here you are allowed to issue a personal declaration. It is crucial to avoid giving personal opinions when writing the body of your research paper. 


It is essential to mistake an abstract for an introduction. An abstract statement summarizes the research papers. In terms of word count, introductions are more protracted than abstracts. You are required to write between 400 to 500 words. The section requires you to state the area of study, the goal of the research, the method of data collection, highlighting the significant outcomes of your study. You are allowed to state the considerable impacts of your study. 


Abstracts play critical roles in your finance management paper writing. It gives your readers an understanding of your study. Wring good abstract statements makes the reader decide whether to read the rest of your piece or not. It prepares the readers for what to expect in the project, helping them focus on the main idea. 

Contents of an Abstract. 

Briefly explain the main points of your papers. Usually, the abstract contains the main issues of the study. You should clearly state why it is crucial to address research problems using the already existing data to either support your finding. An abstract should highlight your significant results outlining the importance of your research and its implications.

It would be best if you consider writing your abstracts in the first part of your paper. Doing so makes sense to write your abstract after you are by drafting your entire article to clear on your summary. It is good to be extra careful when picking the tense of your abstract statements. In most cases would help if your use the present tense. It facilitates the easy description of facts and particular phenomenon during the research. Using present tense enables students to describe the methods of analysis, findings, and impact of the study. 


As earlier stated, an introduction is different from an abstract. Unlike writing an abstract, an intro sets up your topic. Here you’re simply lairing your reader to go through your piece. It will best if you write exciting introductions to make your readers read through your entire finance management research paper.  Introductions provide backgrounds summarizing an existing study. You are allowed to state your position when writing this section giving specific details on the study issue. It is good to give your readers the overview structure of your papers. It is good to remember that intros vary with the nature of your argument. 

How to write Finance Management Introductions.

It needs to have a clear road map on how you should draft an exciting introduction. In case you don’t know where to start, you can follow the following tips during your finance management assignment. 

Tip 1: Announce Your Topic.

The main objective of an introduction is to highlight the topic of your study.  You have the privilege of telling your audience why it is vital for them to read through your paper. To make your Introduction enjoyable, try opening it with a solid statement.  Doing sore helps in conveying the sense of your area of focus. 

Tip 2: Describe The Background.

Describing the background establishes the approach that you are writing or paper.  If you are working on a more argumentative paper, it will be crucial to employ a general background on your task. On the other hand, empirical finance management papers demand that you review the previous study and state how they relate to the new research.

Tip 3:  State Your Issue of Study. 

 In this step, you need to tell how your research relates to the problem being addressed.  If you are writing an argumentative paper, you need to focus on a particular area. When you state your research question while giving insights on its importance to your argument, it makes sense. Empirical papers reflect on the literature; hence, it will best address the issue supporting it with the most vital points.

Tip 4: State Your Objectives.

The next step is to dig into the specific intention of your finance management research papers. The process depends on the type of task; in an argumentative project, the thesis statement outlines the rest of the task presenting facts and evidence. 

Tip 5: Map-Out Your Paper.

Summarize your Introduction with a short overview of your entire work. Avoid using unnecessary formatting. Keep in mind that an intro should be brief and detailed. Tell your readers what the paper entails. 

The Body. 

Once you have a good introduction, you can now focus on the central part of your paper. It is good to build and follow a specific framework during your writing. You need to articulate your main idea while following your introduction and thesis statement to remain relent throughout your presentations. 

What Do I consider when writing the Body of a Finance Management Assignment? 

  • Relevance-it is vital to write content that widely relates to finance management. Your research should guide you on what to write, but you need to keep in mind the main idea and always stick to the selected for better scores. Separate your thoughts by writing each issue in its paragraph. 
  • Support- A good assignment should state the main ideas while giving clear backing. You need to present strong points in your argument. Ensure that each issue is adequately backed and avoid giving a general opinion. 
  • Order- learn to present all the ideas and supportive clauses clearly and logically. Your outline will come in handy in guiding throughout your presentation, and it is, therefore, crucial that you arrange your work in a simple and straightforward format. This will give your readers and lecturers an easy time when reading your assignment. 

Capitalize on your research and state the results of your study. It would be best to make it clear which concept of your paper is the most relevant. It is best if you state whether the results of all the questions. Did your paper follow all the methods of research? In the body section, you need to outline whether your results fulfill your expectations or not correctly. Link the results of your study with the question and literature review.  This assures that every detail flaws and follows the guidelines and framework of your paper. The findings will surely reflect if the method of data collection, qualitative and quantitative, is effective or not.


A good finance Management research paper should have a summary. State your position on the subject and tell your audience whether your research was fruitful. The section allows you to address the study’s loopholes while stating what should be done to seal the shortcoming.  Here it would help if you restate the issue addressed in the finance management research paper. Conclusions summarize the whole argument suggesting critical takeaways from your study. 


All said and done; it is essential to proofread your paper before submitting the finance paper to the lecturer for grading. Reviewing helps you to identify grammatical errors, reputation allowing you to make necessary changes in your essay. It will help you to know whether all the ideas are correctly stated in the assignment. Submitting work that has not been reviewed means having a task that is full of mistakes. If you intend to publish your content, it is good to do a proper review of your piece seems it will affect the quality of work. Who wants to wants to read content with numerous mistakes anyway? A paper with lots of errors means unsatisfactory grading in your assignment since it will alter the main points. 

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