CIPD Level 3 Human Resource

CIPD level 3 is regarded as the foundation level as it allows for the solid grounding of the HR as well as L & D for the new entrants into the HR profession. CIPD level 3 is a suitable start for people who have no HR experience and it is equivalent to A levels in terms of difficulty. In this level, you’ll choose either the HR pathway or the Learning and development.

However, if you are not sure of the area you want to choose, you don’t have to worry you can have a mixture of the two and specialize on your way up. If you will qualify for the CIPD certificate, Diploma, or Award under level 3; you’ll become an associate member of the CIPD. Indeed, you can include the title Assoc. CIPD after your name- sounds nice.

Who’s it for?

CIPD Level 3 is ideal for people who are starting in their Human Resource Career careers. It is also suitable for people who are new to the industry. This makes it perfect for anyone who wants to be an HR specialist. You are only required to meet the basic requirement that is set by the course provider; which is the most basic and level O grade.

I am sure you are here seeking CIPD assignment help because you have met the basic requirements and already enrolled in the course.

This CIPD Level 3 is not only suitable for those who are starting their career but even for those working at the HR support level.  It will help you to lay the foundation for further progress in your career.

In summary, CIPD level 3 is suitable for:

  • Those looking forward to getting into HR but also those who want to progress into the new role in HR.
  • Those working at the HR support level as HR administrator or HR officers
  • A non-HR manager with an HR responsibility.
  • Those in UK and overseas- its globally recognized

How long does it take to complete?

The duration that it will take to complete CIPD level 3 will depend on you and the qualification that you choose. The three qualifications have varying course completion times.

For the three qualifications (award, certificate, and diploma), you can study part-time, full-time, online, or even from the CIPD dedicated training centers.

On average, CIPD level 3 takes between 6-9 months to complete, based on your efforts and qualification level. Therefore, your efforts should be directed towards ensuring that you complete the assignments on time and meeting the requirements so that you may not delay yourself.

Online Course/Digital Learning

CIPD level 3 are offered online- it is important that you carry out research to determine the best provider. The providers will charge differently and the level of support varies from one CIPD provider to the other.

If you are doing a CIPD certificate, you need to complete the following units:

  1. Development for an effective HR practitioner

Under this unit, you’ll discover the knowledge and skills that you require to work in HR and learn how to deliver timely as well as effective HR services that meet the needs of the users. This module will also help you to plan on your personal and career development.

  1. Understanding entities and the contribution of the HR

This module will help you to learn how the HR activities provide support to the organization’s strategy as well as assist in the achievement of the business objectives.

The unit will also prepare you for the importance of the organizational context and the external and internal factors that define the HR activities.

  1. Recording, analyzing, and utilizing HR information

This unit will help you to develop an understanding of the contribution of accurate data to help the HR function. This module encompasses the data management practices including HR planning, staff recruitment and selection, employee performance management, managing absenteeism, and disciplinary procedures.

The unit also encompasses electronic data management in the HR department.

  1. Good Practices in management of Employee Relations

 This module will help you to understand how to effectively manage the employment relationships in an effective manner as a key role of the HR practitioner. This module will equip you with knowledge on what constitutes good practice and help you gain a basic introduction regarding the employment laws in relation to employee relations.

  1. Performance and reward management among Employees

This unit will help you to learn the purpose and role of Human resources in driving effective performance and reward management. Therefore, after completing this module you’ll be more confident in offering first-line support to the HR managers in regard to employee performance and reward management.

  1. Talent sourcing

The success of the organization majorly depends on having the right skill and how they will be constituted. In this module, you’ll learn about the factors that have an impact on using talent as a resource in the organization. The module encompasses everything right from talent recruitment, selection, and ultimately retention.

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