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CIPD apprenticeship

Every employer needs to consider offering their employees with CIPD apprenticeship. Most of those who have considered it in the past have registered tremendous changes at the company or organization.

What is CIPD Apprenticeships? 

Apprenticeship is a system that employees undertake to improve their skills or talents in a workplace. Apprenticeship is normally done by specific training providers. The training providers carry out most of the training at the workplace. 

Apprenticeship is however vital for any organization or company since it benefits them in multiple ways. Many young employees find their way into the market through apprenticeship.

This gives them room to progress and grow their careers for them to deliver excellent services to their employers. The best thing about these employees is that they are always motivated. With this kind of employee, you will be able to introduce new systems easily since they are always ready for a change. 

Employers need to initiate programs that enhance the growth of their employees. Employers are expected to identify employees with high potential in different areas and nurture them whenever an apprenticeship vacancy arises.

The best way to nurture their talent is to engage them in real and productive work. This allows them to practice and develop their skills until they meet the required standards. Also, the employer should liaise with the available apprenticeship trainers to ensure that their employees receive the skills that meet the company’s needs.

How do you choose an Apprenticeship Trainer for your Employees? 

When choosing an apprenticeship trainer for your employees, you need to ensure that they follow the following guidelines: 

  • Ensure that the training program is up to standard. The program must also meet the needs of your company. 
  • The trainer must ensure that all employees are CIPD registered members.
  • IThe trainers need to conduct the initial assessment and later provide the employees with feedback on the assessment.
  • The trainers are also tasked with contracting the endpoint assessment company on behalf of your organization 

What is the Responsibility of CIPD as your End Point Assessment Organisation? 

  • Developing the endpoint appraisal materials
  •  Ensuring that the assessments are up to standard and of high quality
  • Guaranteeing that the endpoint assessment meet the given deadlines
  • Ensuring that the employees have finalized gateway 
  • Recording of the required evidence in the IT system

What are the Benefits of CIPD Apprenticeship? 

Your staff will benefit through apprenticeship by a great deal. We have listed some of the benefits below: 

  • The team learns new skills even as they nurture their talents and abilities
  • The training motivates the employees and return encourage loyalty thus retention 
  • The trainees become more competent and reliable in the organization. They also pass the knowledge and skills they learn to other staff members
  • Through apprenticeship training, the organization creates a learning culture. The employees continue seeking knowledge and skills in different areas that benefit the company or organization by a great deal

CIPD apprenticeship has been of great benefit to many organizations. For this reason, the training has become very popular in most parts of the world. Our team of trainers is known for being professional and competent.

We strive to ensure that all employees are well nurtured and equipped with the required knowledge and skills. This enables them to work diligently as well as becoming loyal to their employers.