What is a Change Project in Nursing?

What is a Change Project in Nursing?

Change is an important aspect of any field. In this post we look at, What is a Change Project in Nursing? 

In the medical field, nurses face various types of changes such as new and innovative technology as well as EBP – commonly referred to as evidence-based practice.

These changes aim to make the healthcare system more efficient. And when it comes to change theory nursing, it should be progressive. However, most individuals cannot assess whether a paper is positive or not.

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What is a Change Project in Nursing?

With the increase in population, the demand for better and efficient healthcare systems increase. Nurses’ changes play a pivotal role in the improvement of these healthcare systems to fulfill the needs of the growing number of patients. If only we think about the new change project ideas, we would improve our health care system and lessen the workload from all the stakeholders.

Nursing Change Project Ideas for Student

Change project in nursing isn’t a new concept. More often, one of the following theories is followed by a nursing institution to get the best project paper. Check them out!

  • Roger’s Postulation: Roger postulates that there are five stages in change. These are awareness, interest, evaluation, implementation, and adoption. 
  • Lewin’s Hypothesis: Lewin proposes that there are three stages of change. These are the unfreezing stage, the moving stage, and the refreezing stage. What this theory is trying to say is that there are two forces; one is the driving force while the other is the resistant force.
  • Spradley’s Postulate: This proposal is about the constant evolution of the process. It features an eight stages proposal that is practiced in various healthcare systems.

Examples of Nursing Change Project

  • Preventing dysfunctional behavior in dementia patients
  • Reducing sexually transmitted diseases through implementing behavioral education
  • Implementation and improvement of emergency planning
  • Review of different visitation models
  • Using probiotics after antibiotics to improve stomach health
  • Sleep apnoea heart monitoring
  • Strategy planning for a patient-centered facility
  • Implementation and improvement of emergency planning
  • Review of ICU nursing roles
  • Techniques for dealing with patients with ADHD
  • Improving infant health through breastfeeding
  • Improvements to professional training for nursing staff
  • Methods to reduce the risk of stroke patient readmission
  • Improving patient handling on the ward
  • Improving access to treatment for rural-based pregnant women
  • Increasing HPV vaccination uptake
  • Treatment of dementia patients without drugs
  • Obesity prevention methods for children
  • Improving diabetes treatment within care homes
  • Congestive heart failure management improvements
  • Education to prevent Lyme disease
  • Improving methods for dosage calculations
  • Improvements to pain management methods in care units
  • Checklist for teens within a cardiac unit
  • Improving awareness of diabetes treatments for African American communities
  • Improvements to bedside shift reporting
  • Improving awareness and treatment of asthma in care homes
  • Improving skills for the transition from student to RN
  • Improving recover speed for anesthesia patients
  • Methods to prevent antisocial behavior within the emergency department
  • Reducing the impact of sleep disorders for patients on the ward
  • Dealing with dementia patients in the emergency room
  • Systems for reducing falls on the ward
  • Alternative methods of wound care for diabetes patients
  • Improvements to systems for dealing with educationally disadvantaged pregnant women
  • Dealing with aggressive and non-cooperative family members
  • Dealing with eating disorder patients in the ward
  • Prevention of chocking with elderly patients
  • Best practices for pain relief for substance abuse patients
  • Reducing minor bumps and scrapes within the care home
  • Improvements to the treatment of IBS sufferers
  • Emergency planning for the major emergencies
  • Review of systems for diagnosing and treating rare diseases
  • Improving nutrition on the ward
  • Methods for supporting mothers of babies with unexpected birth-defects
  • Fungal based infections and methods for prevention
  • Supporting home-based care for elderly patients
  • Improving the treatment of brain trauma patients
  • Methods for regulating blood pressure for stressed patients

Essential Things to Keep in Mind

The following steps will help you develop your nursing change project:

  • First, diagnose the problem: Assess the situation around you and identify a problem. You have to be an ardent observer to write your change project.
  • Find a relevant hypothesis: Relevancy is essential to your situation and the kind of information you intend to bring.
  • Write a plan: Different hypotheses have different steps. Therefore, you have to follow those steps to the latter to plan well.
  • Organize your material for presentation to your supervisor: You have to attest that a nurse as a researcher could also be successful.

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