Case study

1. Introduction to Patient: Clearly explains who the patient is (demographic information), what the problem is, and what you are focusing on regarding care for the patient.

2. Pathophysiology: Clearly and concisely discusses the disease process, manifestations, and causes

3. History: Clearly and concisely discusses the patient’s health history and past treatments including prior surgeries and prescribed medication.

4. Nursing Physical Assessment: Clearly and concisely lists all patient’s head to toe assessment (all body systems) data and diagnostic studies in sentences with specific numbers & levels.

5. Related Treatments: Clearly and concisely explains what treatments the patient is receiving because of his/her disease.

6. Care Plan: Contains a nursing diagnosis, 2 SMART goal, 3 SMART interventions, patient education, and evaluations.

APA formatting and references: Utilizes 1st and 2 nd level headings appropriately. Meets the 10 page requirement, credible sources and appropriate in text citation (5).