What is the Difference between BSN Vs MSN Nurse: Which has a Better Salary? 

bsn vs msn

For any nurse to have a successful career, they need to strive to improve their skills. The most important thing for a student to identify the career path they would want to follow. Most registered nurses around the world are determined to advance their studies. Some would want to pursue a Master of Science Nursing (MSN) while others go for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). The decision to pursue either of the two solely relies on an individual’s passion and preference.

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 What are BSN and MSN? 

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is a program that prepares nurses to become nursing professionals. The degree enables you to become a registered nurse which in return paves way for you to practice in any healthcare setting. A BSN degree will open up better opportunities, more responsibilities, and higher salaries. As for Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN), students receive advanced training in a specific field in nursing. With MSN, you will be in a position to provide high-level services as compared to BSN. This means you are more skilled and competent thus undertake bigger roles efficiently. 

Is a BSN And MSN Important? 

Both BSN and MSN are an important step in an individual’s career. You will be in a better position to find opportunities with better pay with either a BSN or an MSN. You will secure employment as a registered nurse but during an interview, the management will choose a nurse with BSN or MSN over you.  Research shows that soon, hospitals will need to ensure that around 90 % of their workforce are BSN or MSN graduates.  Also, for registered nurses to qualify for promotions, they need to advance their education level to BSN or MSN.  Registered nurses need to take their time and identify their career path depending on their passion and qualifications. This will enable them to make an informed choice on whether to pursue BSN or MSN. 

What is the Difference between BSN and MSN?

BSN is a program that prepares a student to work in a wide variety of nursing fields while MSN is more specific. It focuses on a specific nursing field. Once done with MSN, you may apply for promotion to administration and leadership roles. MSN provides you with unlimited job opportunities as compared to BSN.  

Between BSN and MSN, which one Pays Better? 

The nursing field has grown over time. Many registered nurses have advanced their education by acquiring BSN which later qualifies them for MSN. Once they have completed these programs, they qualify for bigger roles and responsibilities which also reflect on their salaries. MSN graduates earn better salaries than BSN graduates. It is worth noting that there is no specific salary for BSN and MSN graduates since salaries vary depending on the employers.  It wouldn’t be surprising to find a BSN graduate earning higher than an MSN depending on their employer. Once you graduate, you need to keep applying for available opportunities until you land your dream job. 

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