Air Ticket Allowance in UAE Labor law

Air Ticket Allowance in UAE Labor law Although air ticket allowance is not a right, under certain circumstances an employee is eligible for an air ticket allowance in UAE. HR Practitioners need to know what UAE labor laws say about this issue. Article 131 of UAE […]

BSN Vs BS in Nursing: What is the Difference?

BSN Vs BS in Nursing:  What is the Difference?  You have already completed your associate degree and have even acquired an RN license. You would want to move to the next level but you are not sure about the degree to undertake. Bachelor of Science […]

Scholarships for Male Nurses

Scholarships for Male Nurses Research states that there are about 15 % men in the nursing field. 85 % of the registered nurses across the globe are women. The low number of men practitioners in the nursing field may be a result of gender stereotypes. […]

What is an MSN Nurse? 

What is an MSN Nurse? An MSN Nurse is someone who has undertaken a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN). What is an MSN nurse? This is a course that registered nurses who would want to work in higher healthcare settings at higher levels than […]

CIM Assignment Help.

Get CIM Assignment Help online From CIM Experts Are you looking for CIM assignment Help? Let our team of CIM experts help you with your assignment. We will provide you with the best of the best. You can count on us to deliver high-quality Higher […]

CIPD Apprenticeship and Internships

CIPD Apprenticeship and Internships | CIPD Every employer needs to consider offering their employees with CIPD apprenticeship. Most of those who have considered it in the past have registered tremendous changes at the company or organization. What is CIPD Apprenticeships?  Apprenticeship is a system that […]

Professional CIPD Code of Conduct | FAQs

Professional CIPD Code of Conduct | FAQs Every CIPD student is expected to uphold and commit to following all the regulations set out by the CIPD Code of Conduct. These obligations apply to members undertaking the CIPD course. Every CIPD member needs to note that […]

Furlough Vs Layoff Vs Termination

Furlough Vs Layoff Vs Termination  Any businessman strives to make their business grow and blossom but at times, it is not the case. Human resource management is one of the most important functions of a business. The business may experience a downturn which forces the […]

PESTLE Analysis | Factsheets | CIPD

PESTLE Analysis | Factsheets | CIPD PESTLE analysis is a framework that analyses the external factors affecting any organization. These factors (Political, economic, sociological, technological, legal, human resource, and environmental) have a great impact on the learning of an organization.  PESTLE analysis strives to offer […]