Using three primary research articles, begin to propose your DNP project and how it can apply to concept measurement, including quality indicators and evaluation methodology.

Part 1: Articles

Evaluate three primary research articles related to your DNP project idea. Your evaluation will help you determine if the articles are appropriate and useful for your DNP project.

  1. Based on your DNP project idea, use the three primary research articles you completed a matrix on or replace any that you found unfit for the project with a more appropriate source.
  2. Determine what type of article each is, such as case-control, cohort, economic, diagnostic, and so on.
  3. Select an appraisal tool from Critical Appraisal ToolsLinks to an external site. that you think best fits your selected articles, and critically evaluate your three primary research articles. Rarely will one tool fit all articles, so you may use two or three.

Part 2: Paper

Write a six page paper (not including the cover and references) in Microsoft Word about your three articles (no more than half the paper) and your proposed project.

  • Write no more than two to three paragraphs about why each article is a good fit for your project and why the selected appraisal tool is appropriate.
    • Create tables for the appraisal areas in the context of the narrative paper and provide descriptions in the table to support what you checked. Do not submit tables alone nor tables with simple checkmarks and no rationales.
  • Describe which of the measurement-related concepts (structure, process, outcome; see pp. 458–461 of your textbook) best fits your DNP project and defend your position.
  • Propose up to three quality indicators that may capture data on a clinical structure, process, and/or outcome measure related to population health within your DNP project.
  • Explain how you might examine one of the indicators selected using a PDSA cycle.

What to Submit

  • Your APA-formatted paper in Microsoft Word that contains all three article reviews, the measurement related concept, proposed quality indicators, and reference list
  • Your three articles in Adobe PDF format