Task 3 – Retention of talent proposal presentation pack OcMara currently have the objective to retain talented staff. The people practices manager has asked you to produce a presentation that can be delivered at the next senior managers meeting. Produce a presentation pack with notes that will include: 

• An explanation of how motivational issues and management style can impact retention and turnover rates within OcMara (AC3.1). 

• A comparison of how training and development and workplace characteristics can be used to develop and retain talent for individual and groups of employees (AC3.2). 

• An evaluation of how coaching and mentoring initiatives and performance reviews can be used to build and support different talent pools. (AC3.3). 

• An evaluation of two benefits that diversity can bring to OcMara with regards to building and supporting talent pools (AC3.4). 

• An explanation of the direct and indirect costs associated with dysfunctional employee turnover (AC3.5).