Critically discuss rationales for 3 Interventions each for 3 health problems (based on evidence- e.g. Clinical trials and NICE guideline, journals, books, NHS website, etc)- so should have 3 treatments for each problem below (so 9 in total)


Mr X is 48 and has exacerbated COPD, assume that Mr X currently only has these 3 health problems and no other ones:

Problem 1- Increased breathlessness (dyspnoea) due to COPD 340 words – section Managing exacerbations of COPD 

1 Short-acting bronchodilator inhaler- Beta2

2 Tablet- systemic Corticosteroids

3 Tablet- Antibiotics


Problem 2 Heavy Smoker- 30 cigarettes a day, everyday for past 30 years (330 words)

1 Smoking Cessation- Support Group or CBT 

2 Nicotine Replacement Therapy- Smoking Patch (as it’s less addictive than the gum and spray)

3 Medication- Bupropion (as varenicline is not allowed to be used in Uk as of 2021 to now) 


Problem 3 Not sleeping well due to Obstructive Sleep Apnea  (330 words) – Treatment options for OSA include:

  • 1 lifestyle changes –  sleeping on your side
  • 2 lifestyle changes – cutting down on alcohol (Mr X drinks 20 units of alcohol per week)
  • 3 using a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device